Crows in the Innenhof

As my time in Munich is coming to an end I thought I’d share a few photos and an audio clip of the fantastic corvid activity in the courtyard behind the apartment we’ve been staying in.

Almost every night a group of Carrion Crows roosts in the courtyard. The group can range from a handful to about 300. This is pretty remarkable in itself, but the really amazing activity happens in the morning, some mornings. Every now and again hundreds and hundreds of additional crows make their way to the courtyard in the morning, meeting up with those that roosted there in a beautifully cacophonous assembly that begins just before sunrise. On these occasions I’m sure that there are more than 1,000, perhaps as many as 2,000 crows in the trees and along the edges of the surrounding rooftops. What a wonderful bit of luck to end up with this backyard!

An audio clip of the crows assembling on quite a noisy morning
Warning: It’s really loud. You might want to put headphones in or turn the volume down.

Some photos





DSC_0085 2