Environmental Humanities

Remaking Nature, the MOOC…

Over the past few months my colleagues and I in the Environmental Humanities Program at UNSW have been developing a MOOC. For those of you not yet caught up in this global trend, a MOOC is a “massive open online course.” Basically, they’re interactive courses set up online so that people anywhere can do them.

Our MOOC is called Environmental Humanities: Remaking Nature and aims to give anyone – from the interested public, to undergraduate students to researchers – an introduction to this emerging field of scholarship.

Our MOOC will launch later in the year and will include a range of texts, videos, discussions and creative exercises all aimed at generating new understandings of and approaches to environmental challenges.

You can read more and even sign up in advance here.

In Environmental Humanities: Remaking Nature, you’ll get a broad overview of an emerging area of interdisciplinary research that reframes contemporary environmental challenges using approaches from philosophy, literature, language, history, anthropology, cultural studies and the arts.

You’ll see examples of active research in this field, and discover why humanities research is vital to understanding and confronting contemporary environmental challenges, such as climate change and global biodiversity loss.